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Migraine Relief


Ingredients Cyclamen europaeum 4X (Sowbread) purpose vertigo, dizziness, nausea. Antimonium crudum 9X (Antimonous sulfide) purpose head pain with pressure. Alumina 9X (Aluminum oxide) purpose pain in forehead. Lycopodium clavatum 5X (Clubmoss) purpose throbbing pain. Argentum nitricum 9X (Silver nitrate) purpose pressure in temples. Digitalis purpurea 9X (Foxglove) purpose head feels heavy. Melilotus officinalis 4X (Yellow sweet clover) purpose congestion and nervous headache. Glonoinum 6X (Glonoin) purpose sensation of fullness invortex. This product is manufactured according to the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS). INACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Lactose, magnesium stearate.