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The energy from Lean-EFX™ Refined is constantly working in the background giving you the reward of all-day energy with out jitters or a crash in the middle of your day. In addition to a reduced appetite, LEAN-EFX™ Refined will help control how much you eat. You will be laser focused to the task at hand while enjoying the benefit of an enhanced mood.  

However LEAN-EFX™ Refined is much more than an energy pill, appetite suppressant and mood enhancer.  Formulated with scientifically backed research to help reduce weight, Lean-EFX™ Refined can help you get the body you have always been dreamed of! Combine the effects of LEAN-EFX™ Refined with a clean diet, and a little exercise and you won’t be disappointed. Make excuses or MAKE A DIFFERENCE in how you look, feel, and live.


Assess tolerance with one (1) capsule daily upon waking. Can take two (2) capsules either upon waking or, alternatively, one (1) upon waking and one (1) at lunch if tolerance allows. Do not take on an empty stomach or too late in the day. Do not exceed two (2) servings per day.