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Herbalvedic Ayurvedic Formulas

Lavender Soap


Ingredients: Lavender, herbal extracts. Turmeric {Curcuma longa} emollient, ayurveda uses it for skin disorders.  Astringent, also used to relieve itching and help wounds to heal.  Daruhalad {Berberis aristata} said to relieve itching and help heal abraded skin.  Musta {Cyperus rotundus} ayurveda claims it has anti-microbial action.  Lodhra {Symplocus racemosus} astringent and anti-inflammatory per ayurveda.  Sariva {Hemidesmus indicus} cooling to the skin, good for complexion and skin tone.  Neem {Azidarichta indica} world renowned for its antibacterial and anti-microbial action.

Vegetable oil base.  No animal ingredients.  Natural color and fragrance.