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CTD Sports | Muscle Building Kre-Alkalyn 

A lot of the time, when taking a supplement of any kind and even muscle forming ones, you are left with the side effect of having bloating and cramping. Why would you even add something to your body if that is what you feel every time later on? After all that work on building your muscles and endurance, you shouldn't be punished by being in pain with cramping. Time to get something that will work with your muscle building dreams and have no cramping and bloating! Introducing CTD Sports KRE-ALKALYN!

What Does KRE-ALKALYN Do For My Body?

The main purpose of this amazing supplement is to support muscle mass, by giving you strength and endurance without giving you the nasty side effects of bloating and cramping! This formula also helps recovery time so you can get back to work much faster than before and be sure that you muscles had been helped to heal property. This product contains creatine which helps you gain weight and in turn for you to create muscles from that weight. It is super helpful for people that need to gain a little weight or for people that want to gain lots of muscle mass and show them off! The last thing you need after your hard work is to feel pain and misery from cramping from the muscles you just worked out. 

How Does KRE-ALKALYN Work?

Kre-Alkalyn is a buffered form of creatine. Creatine is a chemical found in the body but is also in foods like salmon and red meat. Creatine is mostly used for improving exercise performance and increasing muscle mass on top of improving strength and endurance. That being said, Buffered Creatine is a patented product that combines creatine and magnesium. By combining creatine with magnesium, it's a more effective creatine product with fewer side effects, like preventing bloating and cramping. By adding magnesium,  it helps the human body to better absorb creatine and other nutrients. It also helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function, supports a healthy immune system, and keeps bones strong and is known to be involved in energy metabolism and protein synthesis. All those elements are needed when working out because you are increasing your blood flow and heart rate and putting your body under a lot of stress. You should only be taking creatine when you want to gain weight and develop more muscle. All this together provides strength, endurance, and recovery, and great muscle mass! 


Take 1-2 capsules when waking up in the morning and 1-2 capsules after working out. 

Benefits Of Taking Kre-ALKALYN

  • Muscle Build
  • Gain Strength
  • Improve Recovery
  • Improve Endurance



CTD KRE-ALKALYN Side Effects & Warnings

Consult your health care provider before using this product. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.