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Protein-Rich Keto Bar | Knock The Carb Out 10/Box

The supplement industry is full of protein bars and the like that don't provide anything in terms of nutritional value. And there are even fewer bars out there that are keto-friendly and that pair with the ketogenic diet. 5% Nutrition took notice of this issue and created the Knock The Carb Out Keto Bar. The Knock The Carb Out Keto Bar (or KTCO bar for short) is full of clean, nutritious ingredients, which you don't often find in a protein bar, let alone a keto-friendly protein bar. And being low carb, the Knock The Carb Out bar is keto friendly and nutritious, so you won't have to feel guilty about breaking your diet or anything. You won't need to take a cheat day for this treat!

Speaking of treats, do you find yourself craving something sweet while on that diet grind? Don't reach for the candy or other processed foods- the KTCO bar has a selection of flavors that are so tasty and delicious, that enjoying one will kill your craving for sweets without putting a dent in your diet. In fact, you can enhance the results of your diet even further with the high protein content in the Knock The Carb Out Keto bar! Protein has been shown to potentially increase metabolic rate to aid in weight loss and weight management, so this means more calorie and fat burning possibilities when you pair the KTCO bar and the keto diet. 

If you're looking for the perfect snack that you can pair with your diet that will also deliver you the right amount of macros and nutrition you need, look no further than the 5% Nutrition Knock The Carb Out Keto Bar. 

Knock The Carb Out 10/Box Benefits

  • Perfect Addition to the Keto Diet
  • 20g Protein in Just One Bar! 
  • 14g Fiber 
  • Made with Only Natural Ingredients 
  • Made with Protein-Rich Egg Whites

Knock The Carb Out 10/Box Flavors 

  • Double Dark Chocolate Chip
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip 


Simply enjoy one bar (1 serving) any time of day you need a boost of protein! 

Ingredients & Nutrition Facts 

5% Nutrition Knock The Carb Out 10/Box Ingredients


Warnings & Side Effects

CONTAINS: Peanuts, Milk, Eggs, Soy- please read ingredients label carefully before enjoying.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.