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Ingredients Asa foetida 8X(Asafetida)Purpose:Restlessness and anxiety, Ignatia amra 8X(Ignatuis bean)Purpose: moodiness and hysteria, Valeriana officinalis 8X(Valerian)Purpose:anxiety, Avena sativa 8X(oats)Purpose:insomnia nightly, Argentum nitricm 8X(Silver Nitrate)Purpose:nervousness, Tarentula hispanica 8X(Tarantula)Purpose:nightmares, Huoscyamus niger 8X(Henbane)Purpose:anguish, fear, and loss of memory apprehension, Paeonia 8X(Peony)Purpose:anxiety and irritability, Stramonium 8X(Thorn Apple)Purpose:nightmares and nervousness, Cocculus indicus 8X(Indian Berry)Purpose:lack of concentration and worry. This product is manfactured according to the Homeopathic Pharmacopocia of the United States(HPUS).