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Natures Artifacts

Himalayan Salt Inhaler


Suggested Use: Inhale deeply through mouth and exhale through nose. The tiny particles of salt will help flush impurities from your nasal cavities & sinuses, and unlike salt water neti pots and nasal injectors, the Himalayan Salt Inhaler can also cleanse the lungs. The micrograms of salt air can penetrate and clean the entire respiratory system. Usin the salt inhaler for 15-25 minutes daily can help flush away impurities from your respiratory system.

Ingredient Details: High Quality ceramic filled with Original himalayan salt crystals

Each inhaler should be used by only one individual. Do not use the inhaler if it is chipped, cracked or broken in any area. If salt becomes moist or wet, do not use the inhaler. Use only Original Himalayan Salt from Nature's Artifacts to replace salt. Do not use regular table salt, sea salt, or Epsom salts.

Warnings: If under medical supervision or pregnant, it is recommended to consult your physician or health care provider before using this product.