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Initially, depress until primed. Hold close to mouth and spray one dose directly into mouth.

Adult Dose: 3 sprays 3 times per day. Use additionally as needed.

Children 2-12 years: 2 sprays 3 times per day. Use additionally as needed.
If symptoms persist or worsen, or if pregnant or nursing, take only on advice of a healthcare professional. Keep out of the reach of children.

Drug Facts
HPUS active ingredients     Purpose†
Equal volumes of each ingredient in 10X, 30X, and LM1 potencies
Alumina                          dizziness, eye pressure, sore throat
Arsenicum album             exhaustion, restlessness, weakness
Arsenicum iodatum          flu-like symptoms, hay fever
Berberis vulgaris              relieves pains, apathy
Cadmium sulphuratum     stomach pain
Chelidonium majus          relieves drowsiness and pain
Chromium oxydatum       metallic taste in mouth, tongue prickles
Cuprum metallicum          vertigo, aching in eyes, nasal congestion
Cysteinum                       supports connective tissue
Glycerinum                      exhaustion, weakness
Glycyrrhiza glabra            supports liver and adrenal glands
Kali muriaticum               swollen glands, congestion, edema
Magnesia sulphurica        poor digestion, physical pains
Mercurius corrosivus       urinary pain
Mercurius cyanatus         twitching of muscles, nausea
Mercurius dulcis              rheumatic stiffness, pain
Mezereum                      confusion
Natrum muriaticum          violent sneezing with watery discharge
Niccolum metallicum        nausea, burning in stomach
Oleum morrhuae              hoarseness, aching joints, burning areas
Phytolacca decandra        vertigo, breathing difficulties, sore throat
Plumbum iodatum            enlarged glands
Plumbum metallicum        sleeplessness, headache, anxiety
Selenium metallicum         unhealthy skin, headache
Solidago virgaurea           chilliness, nasal congestion, cough
Stannum metallicum          throbbing pain in temples, sore eyes

Inactive Ingredients
Bio-Energetically Enhanced, pure water base
† as per various homeopathic Materia Medicas