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Natralia Happy Little Bodies Eczema Relief Cream uses natural ingredients and is hypoallergenic. It does not contain steroids

    5% Colloidal Oatmeal– known to help relieve itching, minor skin irritation, redness and dry patches of skin. Oatmeal is also known and loved for its  anti-inflammatory properties

    Aloe Vera– This "miracle" plant is known for its curative and  natural healing properties.  Aloe Vera is a desert plant that has been used for centuries to soothe, re-hydrate dry skin

    Calendula Officinalis– Calendula is  known for its skin soothing properties; it helps relieve minor skin irritation and inflammation such as rash.  Calendula's natural pigments, that provide the yellow color to the flower, are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

    Shea Nut Butter– Rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins, Shea  Nut Butter contains natural fatty acids that help  nourish and moisturize the skin

    Peppermint Oil :Peppermint oil has cooling and anti-itching properties