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Ingredients: Hair Maximum ShampooPurified Water – This is a deionized water that has been boiled to insure that there is no microbial contamination.Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – Used as a surfactant, it is prepared by sulfation of lauryl alcohol followed by neutralization with sodium carbonate.Cocamide dea – This is an amide that is derived from coconut oil. It is included in our formulation to build viscosity and to increase foam level and stability.camomile extract – Brings forth the natural highlights of the hair. Naturally tonifying to the skin, especially dry skin conditions. Non toxic. We use 2% of a 5% extract; same as using 10% of a 1% extract which is the standard.Rosemary extract – Adds body and helps hair hold its natural shape. No toxicity when used externally. Same percentage as stated above.Apple cider vinegar – Along with having a gentle cleansing power, apple cider vinegar separates and frees the individual hairs to allow a more thorough wash. It also adjusts the PH of the scalp. No toxicity.sodium chloride – Table salt. Used to thicken products.Cocamidopropyl betaine – A coconut oil derivative, this is a special type of amphoteric surfactant that we blend with sodium lauryl sulfate. The resulting shampoo has a medium strength.propylene glycol – A polyol derived from glycerin, included in the formulation to solubilize the paraben systems.polyquaternium - 11 – A polymer used to add shine, body, and detangling to hair.soydimonium hydrolyzed wheat protein – A wheat protein. Strengthens and conditions the hair shaft.PANTHENOL – Vitamin B factor, benefits hair by increasing luster, aiding in moisture retention, and increasing elasticity. It helps to repair damage due to heat, and is a highly effective humectant.citric acid – Derived from citrus fruit by fermentation of crude sugar, it is employed to prevent color, texture or appearance changes. It also helps adjust the PH.Quaternized acetamide mea – A conditioning agent for the hair. Softens the hair but leaves a clean feel. Adds shine and luster. Improves "wet comb"-ability and reduces static build-up.Quaternium 15 – An organic nitrogen compound commonly called Quaternary Ammonium Salt. The compound has germicidal action and also is a cationic (positive ion) emulsifier.ACETIC ACID – Vinegar used to adjust PH.