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Ingredients: Hair Conditioning RinsePURIFIED WATER – This is a deionized water that has been boiled to insure that there is no microbial contamination.CETYL ALCOHOL – Cetyl Alcohol is derived from coconut oil. It is used as an emulsifier. Also used as an emollient. Very low toxicity, externally.BENZALKONIUM CHLORIDE – This is an organic nitrogen compound and is included as a preservative against bacteria.CARMEL – This is a sugar based agent derived from corn syrup heated for several hours for color.CAMOMILE EXTRACT – Brings forth the natural highlights of the hair. Naturally tonifying to the skin, especially dry skin conditions. Non toxic. We use 2% of a 5% extract; same as using 10% of a 1% extract which is the standard.NETTLE EXTRACT – This herb is excellent for enlivening hair roots and is effective for dandruff control. No toxicity when used externally. Same percentages as stated above.ROSEMARY EXTRACT – Adds body and helps hair hold its natural shape. No toxicity when used externally. Same percentages as stated above.DICETYLDIMONIUM CHLORIDE – Organic compound used for anti-static and hair detangling.GLYCERYL STEARATE – Emulsifier and humectant, produced from fatty acids and glycerine.SOYDIMONIUM HYDROLIZED WHEAT PROTEIN – A wheat protein. Strengthens and conditions the hair shaft.PEG-100 Stearate – Emulsifier made from vegetable stearic acid.SORBIC ACID – Organic Acid, preservative in eye area cosmeticsHYDROXYETHYLCELLULOSE – A natural plant material used to thicken products.DIMETHICONE – A synthetic silicone material used for shine and detangling.FRAGRANCE