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Flavor: Honey Tea Flavor
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d-toxify Green Clean Ingredients Each 8oz Green Clean d-tox drink contains our proprietary herbal blend. Green Clean also includes: Vitamin A Vitamin C Vitamin D Thiamin Riboflavin Niacin Vitamin B6 Folate Vitamin B12 Biotin Pantothenic Acid Calcium Magnesium Zinc Selenium Manganese Chromium Potassium Creatine Monohydrate Green Clean's exclusive herbal formula is: Nettle ‰ÛÒ Acts as a diuretic in Green Clean to help release toxins from the body. Ginseng ‰ÛÒ Traditionally used to boost the immune, cardiovascular and metabolic systems. Dandelion ‰ÛÒ Herbalists use this potent herb to support healthy liver and gallbladder function. Hawthorne Berry ‰ÛÒ Used in Green Clean, as it has been for centuries, to support the heart and cardiovascular system. Milk Thistle ‰ÛÒ Included in Green Clean to restore healthy liver function and minimize toxin damage. Uva Ursi ‰ÛÒ In Green Clean to promote kidney and urinary health. Mullein Leaf ‰ÛÒ Acts as a tonic in Green Clean to support the respiratory system and lungs. Stevia ‰ÛÒ A powerful cleansing herb in Green Clean used by herbalists since ancient times. Fruit Fiber ‰ÛÒ Effective in Green Clean for binding toxins and helping to eliminate them through the digestive tract. Green Tea Metaboost ‰ÛÒ Green Clean contains green tea extract which has been clinically proven to boost the metabolism and enhance rapid intensive cleansing. More Information on your Green Clean d-tox Drink d-toxify Brand herbal cleansing supplements have been specifically formulated with a proprietary blend of ingredients proven to reduce toxins and impurities in the body when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise. The herbs, fiber, vitamins and minerals in Green Clean support the 4 Factors of Full System Cleansing‰ã¢: Diuretic and cleansing herbs support healthy liver, kidney and urinary system function. Fruit fiber supports digestive system function and health. Heart health herbs support circulatory system function and blood cleansing. Vitamins and minerals replenish nutrients lost during intensive cleansing. Plus Green Tea Metaboost: Green tea has been shown to provide the metabolic boost necessary to achieve rapid intensive cleansing. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Except as stated here, d-toxify disclaims any and all representations, expressed or implied, concerning the manufacturing, use, or performance of its products made by any third party. d-toxify notifies all distributors, retailers, and consumers of its products that all disclaimed representations are unauthorized, wrongful and false, and in certain jurisdictions may be unlawful.