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Glaxon C-Tox 7 Day | Caffeine Detox

C-Tox is designed to taper your daily caffeine intake over the course of 7 days, by starting off with 330mg on the first day. C-tox then dials back your daily caffeine intake by 50mg per day until the last day, as no caffeine is consumed. A vitamin B complex and amino acids support the formulas as well as provide mood support. C-Tox is great for those who are concerned about their daily caffeine intake or those that just want caffeine to work like it should. C-Tox is intended to help those who want to take action and taper their caffeine intake gradually, as opposed to complete abstinence and the side effects that can occur. C-Tox is a way of hitting the reset button on your stimulant tolerance. 


  • Detox
  • Includes Vitamin B Complex
  • Includes Amino Acids
  • Mood Support
  • Taper Your Caffeine Intake Gradually
  • Reset Your Stimulant Tolerance


Start by first having a 24-hour complete wash-out of caffeine from your system. Then start taking 6 capsules on day 1, 5 capsules on day 2, 4 capsules on day 3, 3 capsules on day 4, 2 capsules on day 5, and one capsule on day 6 with 0 capsules being consumed on day 7.