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Glaxon Anomaly

This is a unique muscle building supplement to the fitness industry. Glaxon Anomaly is a peptide formula derived from the fava bean. This peptide helps maximize your body's anabolic response to exercise and physical activity. It basically increases the muscle tissue and recovery whenever you are working out. So if you are looking to stay all natural, but want to build additional muscle mass, then you should add Glaxon Anomaly to your supplement stash!

Highlights & Benefits

  • Supports Lean Muscle Mass
  • Reduction in Muscle Fatigue
  • Faster Recovery and Performance
  • Increased Weight Loss & Muscle Sparing

Directions & Dosage

Glaxon recommends that you take six capsules per day. Take them all at once in the morning or three capsules every 12 hours. You should take them on an empty stomach.