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Born Free

Glass Bottle 9 Oz Single Pack


What makes Born Free® bottles so unique?
    Born Free® bottles are one of the few bottle systems that are ideal for both breastfeeding and formula feeding. The vent inside the bottle, called ActiveFlowâ„¢ Venting Technology, allows the baby to control the flow of milk and is designed to help reduce colic symptoms. This means that whether a mom decides to exclusively breastfeed, breastfeed and supplement with or switch to formula, or strictly formula feed she will not need to switch bottle systems.
    The Born Free® Classic Bottles are made out of PES plastic (Polyethersulfone, has honey yellow tint), a durable and premium material that is ideal for boiling and repeated sterilization. Born Free® Classic Bottles are also bottom rack dishwasher safe. The Born Free® Deco Bottles are made out of a thick wall construction Polyproplene plastic (has white cloudy appearance tint) and also will not warp or distort with cleaning and sterilizing. Both the Classic and Deco bottles maintain the integrity of the valve and collar fit to the bottle and prevent leaking that can be experienced with other bottle brands.

1. Wash all Born Free® products with mild soap. Avoid antibacterial soaps and harsh cleaners that can affect the silicone in the products and cause the plastic to become brittle.
2. Wash nipples using only your fingers and warm, soapy water. Alternatively you can use our Tru-Cleanâ„¢ Bottle Cleaning System.
3. Replace the nipples every two to three months or at the first sign of wear.

Born Free® nipple and vent components are made of medical grade silicone.  We do not recommend the use bristle brushes when cleaning nipples and venting systems, they can tear the nipples and venting system and this will cause the bottles to leak.

Born Free® products are free from (do NOT contain) Poly-Vinyl Chloride (PVC).