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Flower Essence Services

Flower Essence Formula Spray



Angelica – Supports feeling the love and care of spiritual beings; receptivity to guidance and guardianship from angelic realms – addresses loneliness.

Bleeding Heart – Supports releasing attachment to those who can no longer be with us; healing a broken heart – addresses emotional attachment & abandonment.

Borage – Assists in overcoming grief from the death or impending death of a loved one; heart balm for grief – addresses grief & heavy-heartedness.

Five-Flower Formula – Provides stabilization, calm and consciousness – addresses shock, trauma, overwhelm and extreme pain.

Forget-Me-Not – Supports connection with loved ones in the spiritual realm – addresses pain, suffering & isolation.

Love-Lies-Bleeding – Supports finding meaning and purpose in one's suffering – addresses personalization of emotional & physical pain & suffering.

Pink Yarrow – Promotes emotional centering and strength; appropriate emotional boundaries – addresses dysfunctional merging with others.

Red Clover – Supports calmness and centeredness in the midst of challenging circumstances – addresses emotional extremes.

Walnut – Supports letting go and healthy transitions; inner strengthener – addresses inability to let go of departing soul