FlorEssence Cleanse 3 Pack

FlorEssence Cleanse 3 Pack

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For Adults: Shake bottle well. Measure 2 fl oz. of tea and dilute with 2 fl oz. or more of purified hot water. Take on an empty stomach preferably 1/2 hour before eating in the morning and at bedtime. Sip slowly.

For Extra Strength: Take 3 times daily.

For Children (ages 2-12): Measure 3/4 to 1 fl oz. once or twice daily. Dilute and take as above. Sip slowly.

CAUTIONS/CONTRAINDICATIONS: Do not use: If pregnant or nursing; if you are allergic to plants of the asteraceae, compositae, daisy, polygonaceae, or brassicacease families; if you are allergic to iodine; if you have had an organ transplant (stemcell transplants are okay). Not recommended for children.

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