Size: 1 Kit
Flavor: Black
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Kit Contents: 15 gms Jagua Body Ink, Applicator Bottle, 2 Tips, fine & medium, 5 ml EucalyptusOil, 2 Reusable Stencil Transfer Sheets, Toothpicks

Water. Genipa americana (Jagua). Isopropyl alcohol. Xanthan gum. Sorbitol. Disodium edta. Neolon. Citric acid. Silica dioxide.

Earth Jagua requires no mixing. With Earth Jagua, it takes 12-24 hours for the color to appear and fully develop, just like natural henna! Using Earth Jagua is totally pain-free. Earth Jagua is a dye and will stain if it comes in contact with clothing or furniture, but not after the body ink dries on the skin. Swimming in chlorinated pools will make Earth Jagua tattoos fade more quickly. Earth Jagua can be re-applied as tattoo starts to fade, or as often as desired. Earth Jagua shows up perfectly on dark skin.