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Earth Henna (Lakaye Studio, LLC)

Earth Henna Kit for Kids


Ingredients: Henna powder, water, glycerin, black walnut extract, benzyl alcohol, sugar, sorbitol, citric acid, eucalyptus oil, disodium EDTA, lactic acid. Keep contents away from eye area. Do not eat or swallow. To be used on skin only.

Instructions: 1. Shake bottle labeled Earth Henna Solution and pour entire liquid contents into the plastic cone of green henna powder (see first illustration). Close the plastic cone. Place the closed plastic cone between your palms and rub back and forth for 3 minutes or more until all the lumps are gone. Wait 2 hours before using. 2. Using a pen or pencil, push henna paste toward small tip of cone. Using scissors, make a tiny cut at the small tip of the cone. Insert cone tip into mouth of Earth Henna Solution bottle, which will serve as your applicator bottle (see second illustration). Squeeze the Earth Henna paste into the bottle until full. While you do this, tap bottle on counter once in a while to help paste settle at bottom. 3. Place cap with applicator tip onto bottle and close tightly. 4. Wash skin area to be painted with water, and rub with towel to remove any lotions and layers of dead skin. 5. Squeeze plastic bottle to release henna and create your design. Do not let metal tip touch skin. (If you are not drawing freehand, see "Stencil Transfer Process" below.) 6. Let henna paste dry; this should take about 20 minutes. Leave on skin for four to six hours (or more) for best results. If done at night, wrap area with toilet paper and tape before going to bed. 7.Remove applicator tip and close bottle with original cap. Refrigerate remaining henna paste. Be sure to squeeze air out of bottle before closing. To do this, squeeze bottle until henna paste rises to top of bottle and close bottle with cap. The bottle will look warped and funny but it will keep the henna fresher longer. 8. Peel off dried henna paste with fingers. If some of it is sticky and hard to come off, rub vegetable oil on skin to help remove it. If some of it has already fallen off on its own, that's okay. 9. Henna design will develop from orange to traditional deep reddish brown color over the next two days. Stencil Transfer Process 1. Choose your stencil design and cut from stencil sheet with scissors. 2. Apply light layer of eucalyptus oil to skin where stencil will be applied. Place stencil dark side down. Apply light, even pressure for 10 seconds and remove. 3. Follow outline of stencil with henna by squeezing plastic bottle. Black outline will disappear, leaving reddish brown henna color. 4. Allow paste to dry and follow above instructions. 5. Each stencil may be re-used up to six times.