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Alumina (Aluminum) - for treatment of aluminum toxicity and feelings of restlessness, confusion and headache pain Arsenicicum Metallicum (Metallic Arsenic) - for headaches, hands and fingers feeling swollen and hard to close, and for drowsiness during the day Mercurius Corrosivus (Mercuric Chloride) - for treatment of mercury toxicity, abdominal discomfort, mental confusion and headache Niccolum Metallicum (Nickel) - for headaches, weak digestion, pain in the limbs, and feelings of weakness, especially in the evening Plumbum Metallicum (Lead) - for treatment of lead toxicity, and stomach and nerve discomfort Radium Bromatum (Radium Bromide) - for feelings of irritability and restlessness, aching pains all over body, and fatigue Stannum Metallicum (Tin) - for treatment of tin toxicity and feelings of anxiousness, dizziness and weakness