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Motiv-8 Dessert Whey Protein | 1lb Size

The Amazing, Crazy Good Tasting Protein Supplement!

Need more protein, but hate the taste of most protein powders? Are you looking for a protein powder that also doesn't have hundreds of calories? Welcome Dessert Protein from Motiv-8. This amazing good protein powder combines whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate in 100 calories or less!

  • 100 Calories or Less
  • Low in Carbohydrates
  • Low in Fat
  • Low in Sugar
  • Packed with Fiber, Fruits, Enzymes and Prebiotics

Why Choose Motiv-8 Dessert Whey Protein?

Not only can this protein help build lean muscle, but it aids in healthy cholesterol, improves mineral absorption, prevent constipation and improves your overall digestive health. The fruit blend in this protein helps remove free radicals, improves the heart, improves the look of your skin, improves eye health and helps support your immune system. This product is much more than just a protein powder!

Motiv-8 Dessert Whey Protein Flavors

  • Out of this World Oatmeal Cream Pie
  • Crazy Good Coconut Caramel Delights
  • Knock Your Socks Off Slim Mints

Motiv-8 Dessert Whey Protein Directions & Dosage

Motiv-8 recommends that you mix 1 scoop of Motiv-8 Dessert protein with 6-8 ounces or cold water, milk or any other beverage. You should take up to 3 servings per day depending on your protein needs. For both men and women.

Motiv-8 Dessert Whey Protein Ingredients & Label