Size: 15 Servings
Flavor: Chocolate Cookies & Cream
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Each 60 calorie serving contains:

• 10 GRAMS OF NATURAL PROTEIN -Helps to build a lean, toned body and keep hunger at bay. Protein takes longer to digest, metabolize and leave the stomach enabling you to feel fuller longer.

• PREBIOTIC FIBER - 4g of fiber for digestive health & to help you feel full.

• FAT FREE AND ONLY 0.5g SUGAR - Helps support weight management.

• VITAMINS & MINERALS - A good source of B-vitamins, vitamin D and calcium helps metabolize food and support bone health.

• QUICK & EASY TO MIX OR BLEND - Smooth as silk every time

• GLUTEN FREE AND KOSHER CERTIFIED - High quality nutrition you can trust,

Great value for money, each 9.03oz container provides 16 servings.

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