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The day a woman starts her period she moves the rubber ring on the red bead. Each day she moves the ring one bead forward, always in the direction of the arrow. When the ring is on the red bead or a colored bead, there is very low likelihood of pregnancy, so she can have intercourse on these days without getting pregnant. When the ring is on a white bead – Days 8 through 19 – there is a high likelihood of getting pregnant if a woman has unprotected intercourse. If a woman wants to prevent pregnancy, she should avoid having unprotected intercourse on Days 8 through 19 (the days indicated by white beads). If a woman wants to achieve a pregnancy, she and her partner should have intercourse during these fertile days at least every other day.

Who Can Use This Family Planning Tool?

These are most effective for women with menstrual rotates that are regularly between 26 and 32 days long . It will help a woman determine if her rotates are in this range and that they stay in this range. Women with rotate outside this range should use a different method of family planning to prevent pregnancy.

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