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Heritage Products

Cotton Flannel Organic


Ingredients: Cotton Flannel.

Suggested Use:
1.  Boil or Launder flannel to remove impurities which may remain in fabric.

2. Fold at least once to make a pack of appropriate size and saturate with castor oil. (Oil may be preheated or used with heating pad. Do not use heat if infection or fever is present or suspected).

3. Position pack over affected area and cover with a piece of plastic and a heating pad. A towel may be useful to protect bedding.

4. Allow pack to remain for an hour or more. (Note: Avoid falling asleep with heating pad turned on.)

5. After pack is removed, cleanse skin with solution of baking soda and water (1tsp to a pint) or try Castor Clean.

6. Store in plastic bag or other container in a cool place. Clean pack as necessary or discard.

7. Use pack daily or in a regular rotation (ex. 2-3 consecutive days a week) until results are obtained.

Other Suggestions

1. Wrap an ace bandage loosely around the pack and body to hold pack in place

2. Use the pack to administer other packs and poultices such as grape mullein, vinegar and salt, Glyco-Thymoline and Epsom salts.

3. Meditate, pray, read inspirational material and think positive thoughts while using your pack.

*Recommended in the Edgar Cayce Readings*