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Clear Shingles, Herpes, and UTI

Active Homeopathic Ingredients:Arsenicum Album 6x, Clematix 6x, Iris Versicolor 6x, Nitric Acid 6x, Ranunculus Bulbosus 6x Other Ingredients:Gentiana Root, Rehmannia Root, Scutellaria Root, Alismatis Rhizome, Gardenia Fruit, Plantanginis Seed, Angelica Sinensis Root, Ginger Root, Tangerine Peel, Licorice Root Directions:Take two capsules three times per day as needed or as directed by your health care practitioner. Take with food if mild stomach discomfort occurs. Do not exceed nine capsules in a 24-hour period. Helpful Instructions: People with herpes should keep the infected area clean and dry Those with herpes should avoid heat, spicy and greasy foods, stress, alcohol, coffee, over-exertion, or anything else which may trigger an attack For UTI's drink plenty of water Strengthening the immune system is important in preventing a herpes attack Supplemental Formulas: For headache take Clear Headacheâ„¢ For migraine take Clear Migraineâ„¢ For stomach discomfort take Clear Motionâ„¢ Cautions: Clear Shingles, Herpes, & UTI'Sâ„¢ should be taken for at least one to two weeks when treating infection. Clear Shingles, Herpes, & UTI'Sâ„¢ is contraindicated during pregnancy and nursing People who are on anti-coagulant or anti-platelet therapies should use this formula with caution since there may be a higher risk of bleeding and bruising. This formula is not recommended for long-term use Some people may experience mild stomach discomfort. If this occurs, taking food with Clear Shingles, Herpes, & UTI'Sâ„¢ may prevent stomach discomfort.