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Directions: Area Preparation- Vacuum area in order to remove loose debris. Pre-treat tough stains with Biokleen Spray & Wipe or Bac Out if necessary. For Home Rental Machines- Add 5oz. to each gallon of water. Clean according to machine user guide. For Commercial Extractors- Add 2-4 Cups to 5 gallon stock tank. Dilute at 100 gallons through wand (usually a 4 on flow meter). For commercial portables use 2oz per 5 gallons of water. Neutral pH. No rinse needed.

Ingredients: Surfactants from coconut and / or corn, grapefruit seed and pulp extract, orange peel extract, linear sulfonate and filtered water.

Warnings: In case of eye contact, flush water for at least 15 minutes. Contact a physician. In case of digestion, do not induce vomiting; drink plenty of water to dilute. Contact a physician.

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