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Passiflora 1X (Passion Flower) Calc. Phos. 3X (Calcium Phosphate) Avena Sativa 1X (Oat) Ferrum Phos. 3X (Iron Phosphate) Humulus Lupulus 1X (Hops) Kali Phos. 3X (Potassium Phosphate) Chamomilla 2X (Chamomile) Natrum Phos. 3X (Sodium Phosphate) Magnesia Phos. 3X (Magnesium Phosphate) Adults: As a relaxant, 1-2 tablets as needed, up to 3 times daily, preferably before meals. Tablets may be swallowed. In insomnia, 1-3 tablets 1/2 -1 hour before retiring.Repeat as needed without danger of side effects

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