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Active Ingredients:

  • Calc fluor 6x HPUS...cracking joints
  • Calc phos 3x HPUS...pain in muscles and joints; soreness of tendons
  • Calc sulph 3x HPUS...injuries
  • Ferrum phos 3x HPUS...inflammation, injuries
  • Kali mur 3x HPUS... creaking tendons, inflammation, sprains
  • Kali phos 3x HPUS...pain in back of limbs
  • Kali sulph 3x HPUS...pain in limbs
  • Mag phos 3x HPUS...muscle spasms, cramps
  • Natrum mur 6x HPUS...weakness, joint rigidity
  • Natrum phos 3x HPUS...accelerates lactic acid decomposition
  • Natrum sulph 3x HPUS...muscle spasms
  • Silicea 6x HPUS...fatigue

Inactive Ingredients:
Calcium lactate gluconate, citric acid USP/FCC, colloidal silicon dioxide, lactose NF C/S, magnesium citrate, mannitol USP, natural flavors, potassium sulfate, sodium citrate USP/FCC, sorbitol NF, stevia leaf extract.

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