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Supplement Facts

Serving Size:

1 scoop

Servings Per Container:



Amount Per Serving

% Daily Value*

Custom Engineered Bio-Pro Bio-Active Peptides



Extracted from Micro-Concentrated Colostrum, yielding:

Proline Rich Peptides, Growth Factors (lgF-1, TGF beta-2, EGF, PDGF), Immunoglobulins (lgG, IgA), Lactoferrin, Fibroblast-GF

** Daily value not established

OTHER INGREDIENTS: None. No Fillers, binders, or any synthetic additives.

ALLERGEN INFORMATION: Contains milk product (Colostrum).

Directions: Bio-Gro comes in both an unflavored powder and capsules that are easy to use. For the powder, mix 2 - 3 servings twice daily in liquid such as a protein shake, pre-workout, or amino drink, and thoroughly agitate or blend; or mix with soft foods such as oatmeal, cereal, or yogurt. Or take 5 - 7 capsules with a glass of water, amino, pre-workout, or protein shake. Bio-Gro can be taken anytime with or without food.