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The recommended time to cycle this stack is 8 weeks on cycle, and then another take 6-8 weeks as a break.

Blackstone Labs Apex Male

APEX Male from Blackstone Labs is the testosterone booster you need to keep yourself going strong no matter how old you are! All men over the age of 30 experience a decline in testosterone levels, leading to a gradual decrease in strength, energy, and libido. Instead of spending countless hours and dollars in doctors’ offices dealing with hormone replacement medications, this potent OTC (over the counter) testosterone booster delivers a strong active dose to keep your body running at peak levels. Experience increased energy, improved mood and mental function, better workouts, sustained sexual health, and an overall improved living experience with APEX Male!

About Apex Male

Blackstone’s APEX Male is a natural testosterone booster designed for both athletes and average Joe’s alike. Whether you are a serious body builder seeking a post cycle boost or just a regular guy looking to feel like you did in your 20’s, look no further than APEX Male. The potent active dose per serving delivers a 2760mg punch to jack up your Testosterone production and have your levels soaring!

Experienced athletes and bodybuilders can use APEX Male to bridge their cycles of prohormones and other performance enhancers. This means greater retention of muscle and quicker recovery time – keep those monster gains you worked so hard to achieve and stop the yo-yo effect that results from extended anabolic supplement use. Stack APEX Male with Blackstone Labs’ Anogenin and PCT-V during your post cycle routine to keep your hormone levels steady and keep crushing it at the gym, work, or wherever life takes you!

APEX Male is designed to start working immediately – within a day of taking this supplement you will begin to experience all of the benefits that you would expect to see with prescription strength hormone replacement that you would get from a doctor. Keep your hormone health in check with APEX Male so you can perform at your best wherever you are. Whether you are just a regular guy who wants to feel like you’re in your 20’s again or an experienced athlete, APEX Male will deliver the results you are looking for.


- boost natural testosterone

- improve libido

- increased endurance at the gym

- enhance energy and improve mood levels

- increased vitality

- no prescription needed

Label and Ingredients


Blackstone Labs Brutal4ce

Brutal 4ce by Blackstone Labs is the premiere 4-DHEA proandro on the market designed to deliver fast results, helping you exponentially increase your size and strength in a short period of time. With Brutal 4ce, a two-step enzymatic conversion process converts 4-DHEA into 1-testosterone, using liposomal technology to ensure your cells are getting the most 4-DHEA possible. Blackstone Labs‰۪ time-release formula gives you a controlled and steady release of 1-testosterone to keep you going hard all day, every day. This hardcore anabolic supplement is one of the best on the market, helping you pack on large amounts of mass in a short period of time. You will definitely see results quickly with Brutal 4ce!


- greater aggression in the gym

- fast lean muscle mass gains

- not liver toxic

- improved strength and muscle recovery

- wet mass gains (water retention)

- improved mood and energy levels

- 100% legal

About Brutal 4ce

Blackstone Labs Brutal 4ce is a 4-DHEA derivative that transforms into an active androgen once ingested through a two-step enzymatic conversion process. This formula works in conjunction with your body‰۪s natural conversion processes to increase testosterone levels. Blackstone Labs‰۪ proven Liposomal Delivery System functions to deliver the most 4-DHEA to your cells by protecting the the compounds in Brutal 4ce from your body‰۪s harsh digestive system, meaning your cells get the maximum amount of 4-DHEA possible, giving you more aggression in the gym to help you see results fast and achieve extreme muscle growth.

Brutal 4ce is a non-methylated prohormone indicating that it is non-toxic to your liver and can be taken safely. 

Post Cycle Therapy

Blackstone Labs strongly recommends all users of Brutal 4ce to follow up their cycle with Post Cycle Therapy, or PCT. Following your cycle of Brutal 4ce with a PCT will help your body resume natural testosterone production, regenerate liver cells, and normalize hormone levels. Blackstone Labs PCT-V is formulated to work in conjunction with Brutal 4ce to ensure that you keep your lean muscle mass gains once you have completed your cycle.

You should begin taking your PCT the day after you conclude your Brutal 4ce cycle and continue for 4 weeks. Skipping the PCT may result in hormonal imbalance as without a PCT it can take up to 1-4 weeks for your natural testosterone levels to return to normal and you may notice a loss of the majority of your gains and along with other undesirable side effects.

Estrogen Blocker

Since 4-DHEA can aromatize into estrogen, Blackstone Labs recommends an estrogen blocker to prevent any unwanted negative side effects associated with increased estrogen levels. Blackstone Labs Eradicate is an aromatase inhibitor that helps prevent estrogen conversation that may occur during and following your Brutal 4ce cycle.

Cycle Support

Although Blackstone Labs Brutal 4ce is non-methylated, meaning it is not toxic to your liver, cycle support is recommended to assist you in keeping your lipid profiles in check. Blackstone Labs Gear Support is designed to work in conjunction with Brutal 4ce to provide protection for your liver and organs, decrease blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels, and support a healthy prostate throughout the entirety of your cycle. Gear Support uses red clover extract to avoid any of the negative side effects associated with increased testosterone levels and naturally improve overall health and keep your body feeling at its best so you can destroy in the gym.

Ingredients and Label


Blackstone Labs Eradicate

Eradicate by Blackstone Labs is a phenomenal aromatase inhibitor (AI) which functions to maximize the amount of testosterone in your system from your prohormone cycle. Eradicate can be used in conjunction with any Blackstone Labs product to reduce water retention and bloating, eliminate the development of male breast tissue, and maintain a healthy sex drive in men. When taken in conjunction with a PCT following a prohormone cycle, Eradicate can assist in regulating hormone levels and bringing natural hormone production back to normal.

About Eradicate

Blackstone's Eradicate is one of the best estrogen blockers on the market. Using a potent aromatase inhibitor (AI) called Arimistane, Eradicate works to decrease estrogen levels in the body by reducing the number of androgens that are converted into estrogen. What makes Eradicate unique is that unlike competitor estrogen blockers which simply removes unwanted estrogen, Arimistane prevents the conversion process from taking place altogether. As a result, you will maximize the amount of testosterone in your system to give you the best gains of your life while minimizing the unwanted negative side effects of prohormone use.


- blocks and reduces estrogen levels

- increases sex drive

- eliminates unwanted side effects from prohormone use like gyno and acne

- assists in achieving a leaner, drier look

- lessen water retention and bloating

Ingredients and Label


Blackstone Labs Halo Elite

Blackstone Labs is back with the return of Halo Elite, the ultra popular prohormone of the past. Due due to the ban of many prohormones in the past, they have updated the formula with the first to enter the market, the phytoandrogen ingredient. This plant androgen is powerful and finally available at an ethical dose to actual give you the results Blackstone Labs promises!

Why Take a Plant Androgen?

Unlike regular androgens and other testosterone boosting ingredients, you can get amazing size and strength gains without the side effects. This substance can give you similar results in the body of that of testosterone, which everyone wants! Phytoandrogens are all natural and from plants, so you can take them for extended amounts of time, stack them with almost anything, and not have any of those unwanted side effects.

Unlike the Isoflavonoids of the past, Eucommia ulmoides are much, much different. Rather than have the female-like effects of Isoflavonoids, Eucommia ulmoides gives you male hormone like effects that interact directly with the androgen receptor. And because Blackstone Labs knows what they are doing, Halo Elite uses a 100:1 ratio, perfect for getting the most out of this ingredient.

Benefits & Results

  • Helps you increase size and muscle
  • Helps you increase overall strength and power output
  • Helps to improve sexual desire and libido

Label & Nutritional Facts

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