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Berg Bites 8/Box

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these buttery smooth creamy bars made from plant based protein sourced from nuts and pea protein. Berg Bites contain essential fatty acids, prebiotic fiber for your gut health, chia seeds, and coconut oil. Not to mention this product is completely vegan and vegetarian friendly. Grab a box today and try them for yourself!

Berg Bites 8 Box Benefits

  • 6 Grams Of Plant Based Protein From Nuts and Peas
  • Contains Pre-Biotic Fiber and Oats
  • Guilt Free, Vegan and Gluten Free
  • Contains Essential Omega 3 Fats and MCT Oils

How Do I Take This?

Just open up and enjoy!

What Are The Ingredients?

Berg Bites Bars Sunflower Butter White Chocolate Berg Bites 8 Box

What Are The Side Effects/Warnings?

Store in a cool dry place after opening.