Size: 1 Count
Flavor: Tan Waffle
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PLEASE NOTE: The regular and continous microwaving of this product over an extended period of time may dry out and diminish the effectiveness of the contents. To ensure proper performance and safety, discard this product after 6 months of use and replace with a new one.

MICROWAVE IN 30 SECOND INTERVALS--TO PREVENT BURNING. TOTAL HEATING TIME SHOULD NOT EXCEED 2 (TWO) MINUTES PER USE. Due to variations in microwaves, it may be necessary to adjust the temperature setting. The heated pillow will provide a soothing moist warmth to relax muscles
and ease tensions. (After each 30 second interval, make sure to STOP the microwave, touch and check the temperature (for at least 5 seconds) to make sure that the pillow does not burn. Do not leave the Neck Pillow unattended in the microwave. Microwaved pillow may actually be MUCH HOTTER INSIDE than indicated by intial touch--SO HANDLE WITH CARE--and make sure NOT TO MICROWAVE PAST THE 2 MINUTES TOTAL HEATING TIME LIMIT PER USE. Always test for hot spots and overall temperature before use. Place Neck Pillow in a clean, sealed plastic bag and let it stay overnight in the freezer.

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