How It Works

Step 1 In Program

Join Program

When you join our program, you get 100 bench bucks!

Step 2 in program

Earn Bench Bucks

Earn 1 bench buck for every $1 you spend! So the more you spend, the more rewards you can get!

step 3 in program

Get Rewards!

Trade your bench bucks for discounts on your items!


Earn rewards by purchasing

1 Buck

Earn rewards by making account

100 Bucks

Earn rewards by entering birthday

100 Bucks

Earn rewards by liking on facebook

25 Bucks

Earn rewards by following on instgram

25 Bucks

Earn rewards by reviewing product

25 Bucks

Earn rewards by sharing on facebook

25 Bucks

**Bench Bucks (points) expire 1 year after being earned. They cannot be used or combined with other coupon codes or stacks. You will only get points if you are LOGGED IN on your account, not as a guest.

Refer friends to win MORE Bench Bucks!

Refer a friend

Refer a Friend Program

Get more fun perks when you refer a friend! Login to refer a friend and get $10 coupon while your friend gets 10% off their first order!