New Thermogenic Fat Burner - Blackstone Labs "Arson" Coming Soon

New Thermogenic Fat Burner - Blackstone Labs "Arson" Coming Soon

Introducing Blackstone Labs Arson

Blackstone Labs Arson

Blackstone Labs has announced that a new thermogenic fat burner is in the works! When introducing this new product, it was even mentioned that they plan to make it stronger than any of their previous fat burners and strongest on the market. If you're familiar with or have taken King Cobra by Blackstone Labs yourself, then get ready for an even more advanced fat burner, because Blackstone Labs also wants to make Arson even more powerful than King Cobra! This thermogenic fat burner will pack a punch!

From the little information available, we know that Blackstone Labs Arson will be a strong thermogenic fat burner made to melt away the pounds. Usually, thermogenic fat burners like this contain ingredients like caffeine and herbs that are shown to increase body heat like yohimbe and grains of paradise, so we can assume that these will be key components in Blackstone Labs Arson's label. 

There's not a whole lot of info out on Arson yet besides the announcement, but keep checking back here to Supplement Warehouse, where we'll be keeping you updated on this new, exciting product as more information comes out! And if you're interested in the history of Blackstone Labs, check out their previous products below!

Update! Check out the link below to be taken to our Arson product page, where you can learn more and purchase the product!

May 17th 2023

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