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Solaray Biotin Sublingual 1000mcg 100 Lozenges | Hair, Skin & Nails Support Supplement

As Seen On Tv Customers: This Biotin supplement contains 1000mcg (1mg) per lozenge. The recommendation is 2,500mcg (2.5mg) per day. To meet this recommendation, take 3 lozenges per day. This bottle with then last your 33 days.

Biotin is an essential B vitamin that plays a vital role as a coenzyme involved in protein synthesis and carbohydrate metabolism. it is also important to support healthy hair and fingernails.


  • Biotin 1000 mcg by Solaray is a fast acting, sublingual lozenge with natural orange flavoring
  • Biotin 1000 mcg by Solaray is a water-soluble B vitamin, acts as a coenzyme during the metabolism of protein, fats, and carbohydrates.
  • Biotin is more widely know for its ability to strengthen hair and nails. Biotin in the amount of 2.5 mg per day strengthened the fingernails 66%.