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PEScience Mag-GP 3.6 oz. | Magnesium Glycerophosphate Bond

Magnesium is one of the most common mineral supplements, but not all are created equally. Each form of magnesium can lead to different outcomes. Forms with higher absorption like PEScience's novel glycerophosphate, has a higher bioavailability so that the magnesium can go beyond just your stomach, and into your body. It is most commonly used for relaxation, muscle recovery, cardiovascular support and bone support. Chelated minerals generally have better absorption. The magnesium glycerophosphate bond allows Mag-GP to survive stomach acid and move to the small intestine to be absorbed into the bloodstream. The better the absorption, the less GI & stomach distress a user will experience. PEScience offers ultra-absorption 


  • High Absorption
  • GI Tolerability
  • Relaxation Support
  • Novel Magnesium Chelate
  • Easily Dissolvable
  • Unflavored