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Color: Raspberry Lemon
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NutraBio Amino Kick

Nutrabio is back with an amino acid supplement that takes it right to the competition...and I think you know who we are talking about...cough cough Amino Energy! Amino Kick features not only BCAAs and EAAs, but an electrolyte and hydration blend that will keep you hydrated to give you the best workouts you have ever experienced. It doesn't stop there though.

100mg of Caffeine Per Serving!

NutraBio added 100mg of natural caffeine to give you energy and focus throughout your workouts. While that may seem though, NutraBio has dosed this product so you can take as many scoops as you need! This means that you could use it for an early morning boost, and afternoon pick-me-up or an all out insane push for your workouts!

Benefits & Pros

  • 6 Gram BCAA and EAA Blend
  • Added Electolytes for Hydration
  • 100mg Per Serving for Energy and Focus

Directions & Dosage

NutraBio recommends that you take two scoops in about 8 ounces of water. Every two scoops equates to 100mg of caffeine.

This is a No Beta-Alanine Pre-Workout

Ingredients / Label

Amino Kick Ingredients Label