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Nature's Life ENZYME AID DIGEST 250T | Digestive Support Supplement

Suffering from indigestion? Nature's Life provides enzymes and acids that are essential to the healthy digestion of carbohydrates, fat, fiber and protein in its Enzyme Aid Digest. When your body's digestion of nutrients is not efficient, you can suffer with not only malnutrition, but also indigestion. This supplement works to promote a normal digestive process so you may not have to suffer with the common unpleasant side effects.


  • Seeks to support healthy digestive function
  • Seeks to promote the efficient absorption of nutrients


Take 1 tablet with each meal.

Ingredients and Supplement facts

Pancreatin (equivalent to 1400mg pancreatin) 350mg
---(supplying 2,800 USP units Lipase, 35,000 USP units Amylase and 35,000 USP units Protease)
Bromelain (from pineapple stem) 50mg
---(supplying 7.5 GDU [150 GDU/g])
Betaine Hydrochloride (HCl) 100mg
Pepsin (1:10,000) 60mg
Lipase 100mg
---(supplying 600 FCC LU [6000 FCC LU/G])
Papain (from papaya) 50mg
---(supplying 100,000 FCC PU [2,000 FCC PU/G])
Cellulase 25mg
---(supplying 25 FCC CU [1,000 FCC CU/G])
Other Ingredients: cellulose, maltodextrin and stearic acid.


Do not use this product when meal consists only of salad or fruit. If you have hyper (high) acid stomach or ulcers, consult a physician before using this product. Keep out of the reach of children.