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Blackstone Labs Turkesterone, Laxogenin and Ecdysterone Stack

If you're looking for a Non-Hormonal Muscle Building Stack you've found it. This one is great for Men and Women looking for improved muscle building, enhanced protein synthesis and improved athletic performance. Boost your protein synthesis by up to 200% 

Blackstone Labs Turkesterone, Laxogenin & Edcysterone Stack Highlights & Benefits

  • Helps Build Muscle
  • Enhanced Athletic Performance
  • Great Muscle Building Stack for Men or Women
  • May Boost Protein Synthesis Up To 200%
  • Improved Nitrogen Retention
  • Non-Hormonal Stack For Muscle Gains
  • 250mg Turkesterone/Ecdysterone
  • 25mg Laxogenin

Can Women Take This Stack?

The Blackstone Labs Turkesterone & Ecdysterone Stack can be taken by both Men and Women. 

Turkesterone Before and After Results

Checkout our customers Reviews and Before and After Photos at the bottom of this page.

How Does Blackstone Labs Turkesterone Compare To Gorilla Mind Turkesterone?

Gorilla Mind Turkesterone contains 500mg of Turkesterone standardized to 10%. Blackstone Labs Myo-Stack features 250mg of Turkesterone at a 100:1 ratio along with (25R)-5Alpha-Spirostan-2Alpha, 3 Beta, and this formula features Blackstone Labs Liposomal Delivery system making it upwards of 70% more bio-available than comparable forms. 

Directions | How To Cycle This Stack

For the Anogenin take 1 capsules twice per day with food. Anogenin can be taken as a 8 week or 12 week cycle with a 4 week break in between cycles.

For the Myo-Stack take 1 tablet 2 or 3 times per day with food. No need to cycle off of Myo-Stack.

Blackstone Labs Turkesterone, Laxogenin and Ecdysterone Stack Ingredients

Blackstone Labs Myo-Stack Ingredients

Blackstone Labs Turkesterone Supplement Ingredients

Blackstone Labs Anogenin Ingredients

Blackstone Labs Laxogenin Supplement Ingredients

Warnings & Side Effects

Store in a cool dry place after opening. 

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