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Killer Labz LaxoBulk

Killer Labz Laxobulk is one of our newest and most exciting comprehensive natural muscle building formulas. It contains 2 well researched muscle builders plus patented Decasorb Technology for enhanced absorption.

Killer Labz Laxobulk a combination of two effective, natural anabolic substances: Laxosterone and Apisterone. These can support muscle building, combat muscle breakdown and reduce cortisol without any need for PCT.

When to Take?

Can be used to gain muscle and maintain favourable body composition in a gaining phase or to preserve muscle in a dieting phase.

  • Gain Lean Muscle
  • Improve Body Composition
  • Increase Strength
  • No PCT Needed
  • Can be Taken by Men and Women

Being a natural supplement, this is suitable for both men and women who want to limit muscle breakdown, reduce cortisol and support faster recovery.

  • Laxobulk™ (Smilax siebolii (rhizome) Extract) contains a powerful phytosteroid (Laxogenin) that enhances muscle protein synthesis, limits muscle breakdown, reduces cortisol, and support faster recovery.
  • Apisterone™ (Apigenin) is non-hormonal anabolic phytochemical noted to increase protein synthesis, boost IGF-1 and IGF-2, enhance muscle growth, regulate cortisol, and control estrogen-promoting enzymes aromatase and 17β-HSD.
  • DecaSorb Technology™ is a 2 stage absorption enhancing complex used to increase absorption and bioavailability of compounds that are normally poorly absorbed. Decasorb Tech opens spaces in bicellular and tricellular tight junctions, increasing paracellular permeability, thus allowing for enhanced intestinal permeation. It simultaneously inhibits P-glycoprotein and CYP3A4 enzymes thereby increasing bio availability of co-administered compounds.