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Kal Liquid Cal-Mag+ Raspberry Flavor 16oz

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Kal Liquid Cal-Mag + Raspberry 16 oz. | Blood Pressure Regulation Support Supplement

Calcium and Magnesium are found in a variety of foods, but a deficiency in either can lead to health issues. Kal Liquid Cal Mag+ is a dietary supplement that helps prevent or minimize the effects of various health conditions. This formula can help regulate blood pressure, prevent bone loss, lessen cramps and fatigue, and maintain oral health. The raspberry flavor is delicious and the Vitamin D and Magnesium in this product help with the absorption of the Calcium.

Kal Liquid Cal-Mag + Raspberry 16 oz. Benefits

  • Regulates Blood Pressure
  • Prevents Bone Loss
  • Maintains Oral Health
  • Prevents Cramps and Fatigue


Take 1 tablespoon daily, preferably with or after a meal. It can be added to a glass of water, juice or milk.