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JYM BCAAs 40 Servings

BCAAs are a great around the clock supplement as they can be taken every day, and they also provide you with many great benefits. JYM BCAAs are a 2:1:1 ratio that will improve the body's ability to recover faster and build lean muscle. BCAAs can will also reduce muscle fatigue so you may hit the gym harder and longer. Pick up a tub today!

JYM BCAAs Benefits

  • Enhance Muscle Recovery
  • Prevents Muscle Fatigue
  • Supports Muscle Protein Synthesis
  • Reduces Soreness

How to Take

Take one (1) scoop in 10 oz. of water and drink during a workout or throughout the day on non-training days.

JYM BCAAs 40 Servings Ingredients

Side Effects / Warnings

Store in a cool dry place after opening.