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Irwin Naturals GINZA-PLUS 75G | Immune Support Supplement

Irwin Naturals Ginza-Plus is a natural supplement that aids in protecting the body from harmful stress and promotes a natural balance to fight off foreign invaders. Ginza-Plus replenishes the body's storages and refortifies the body's natural defenses. The key ingredient in Ginza-Plus is a highly concentrated extract of ginseng root. Ginseng is traditionally used as a revitalizing tonic for the body and is one of the very best botanicals for increasing feelings of energy and improving mental and physical performance overall, especially under stressful conditions.


  • Contains Ginseng Extract for Energy and Endurance
  • Contains Cordyceps for Endurance
  • Contains Fish Oil for Essential Omega 3 Supplementation
  • Improves Natural Endurance
  • Boosts Natural Energy
  • Improves Mental and Physical Performance


Take three liquid soft-gels per day with meals. May be taken all at once or divided throughout the day.