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Flora (Udo's Choice) Daily Multi Essentials 15 fl oz. | Liquid Multivitamin 

Flora's Daily Multi Essentials includes all of the essential vitamins and minerals that are critical for immune health, bone & teeth health, eye health and overall energy and growth development. Flora Daily Multi Essentials can be used by the whole family (ages 4+) to support overall health and vitality to ensure any nutrient gaps are being filled. This formula comes as a tasty fruit juice that is easy to drink straight or mix into smoothies or other juices. 


  • Vegan + Dairy-Free + Yeast & Gluten-Free formula
  • No Artificial Colors or Flavors
  • In a delicious base of fruit juices and herbs
  • Formulated with an antioxidant blend of astaxanthin and organic elderberry and acerola powders
  • Includes a range of B vitamins for energy production
  • A full 400 IU of immune-supporting vitamin D3 per 20 mL
  • Each dose contains 100% of the RDA for B vitamins and iodine
  • Formulated with a highly bioavailable calcium and magnesium citrate mineral compound


Consume a 20mL dose straight from the bottle or mixed in any other liquid.