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Darkside Supps Ultra Pre Extreme Pre-Workout Massacre

Are you looking to absolutely "massacre" your next workout? Darkside Supps is back with one of the most stimmed out pre-workout supplements available on the market today. Not only will this pre-workout give you the most energy you have ever experienced, but with a powerful nootropic blend, you are going to get a huge boost in mood and motivation, two things you want during a workout! his formula packs in 450mg Caffeine along with a whopping 300mg of Eria Jarensis and nootropics like Hordenine, Alpha GPC and Tyrosine. Nothing comes close!

Benefits & Pros

  • Extreme Energy Throughout Your Workout
  • Nootropics to Give You Razor Sharp Focus
  • Mood & Motivation Boosting Formula

Directions & Dosage

Darkside Supps recommends that you mix up one scoop of Ultra Pre Extreme Massacre in 8 ounces of water and drink 30 minutes before your workout.