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No Calorie Caffeinated Drink | Celsius 12 Pack RTD's Sparkling Wild Berry

Want something delicious, full of caffeine and no calories? We have that here! Celsius is one of the best rtd drinks with natural ingredients and no additives to give you clean energy! And this can even help with losing fat! Skip those gross formulas and drink something worthwhile! 

Celsius Sparkling RTD Results

  • Zero Calories
  • Helps Burn Fat
  • Speeds Up Metabolism
  • Stops Cravings
  • 200mg Caffeine
  • No Sugar or High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Gluten Free
  • Kosher

What are Celsius Sparkling Naturals RTD Drinks?

Celsius Live Fit is a healthy sparkling water that helps burn fat and speeds up your metabolism! These are great tasting drinks that are carbonated to remind you of bubbly water! And Celsius can even turn off your cravings so you'll eat less and manage your weight. This one comes in a 12 pack of Wild Berry rtd flavor. We also carry other flavors as well!

Celsius RTD Flavors

Celsius rtd Key Ingredients

Here are the main ingredients that make Celsius RTD your go to drink! Green Tea Extract, Guarana Seed Extract, Ginger, Vitamin C, Vitamin B and Chromium.

  • Green Tea helps your body not store fat cells and gives you all day energy.
  • Guarana Seed is from the Amazon that also gives you natural caffeine! This gives you bursts of energy while keeping you focused and awake. 
  • Ginger Root kick starts that hot feeling and helps melt fat while aiding in digestion.
  • Vitamin C is keeps your immune system healthy, Vitamin B is good for natural energy production, and Chromium helps to reduce your appetite!

Celsius Drink Ingredients 


Warnings & Side Effects

Contains 200 mg total caffeine per serving. Not recommended for people who are caffeine sensitive, children under 18, or women pregnant or nursing.