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Blackstone Labs Women's Anabolic Stack

The Most Powerful Non-Hormonal Stack for Women!

Are you looking to build more lean muscle mass, increase your overall strength and power, burn more fat and get that lean look? Then you need the Women's Probolic Stack from Blackstone Labs. This stack is a favorite among women fitness competitors, bikini competitors, weight trainers and crossfitters. This stack is the fastest way to increase your lean muscle mass and getting you lifting more than you ever have before.

What is Anogenin?

This product contains a compound from the 1990's that many people have compared to Anavar. But unlike Anavar, this doesn't have the harsh side effects that ingredient did. This Laxogenin supplement can help build muscle mass and strength in a very short amount of time. Many users compare it to prohormones, but with none of the side effects. Some users even stack it with prohormones!

Benefits: Builds lean muscle mass and strength.

What is Epi-Cat?

Blackstone Labs EpiCat is the new future of probolic supplements. EpiCat is a product that flips the genetic switch and makes you become the freak that nature had never intended. This is NOT a prohormone, unapproved substance, or a HGH. EpiCat is the new way to take you workouts to a new level to get you shredded! No changing you work out or even your diet, this product relies completely on the genetic modification that EpiCat does to make you build lean muscle.

Benefits: Increases lean muscle mass and helps burn fat.

What is Paraburn?

We pride ourselves at Blackstone Labs to create formulas and supplements that we will actually use ourselves, so that when we do bring them to market the products like Paraburn sell themselves because they work. We hit the research and development hard on Paraburn, by incorporating ingredients that are showing promise in ongoing research studies. Ingredients like 6 Paradol, Capsaican, and 3,3 diiodothyronine all which have been documented to increase metabolism and fat burning.

Benefits: Burns fat and increases energy.

Directions & Dosage

  • Paraburn: Take 1 capsules twice per day about 20min before meals.
  • Epi-Cat: Take 1 capsule twice per day with meals.
  • Anogenin: Take 1 capsule twice per day with meals.

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