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Electrolyte Water Drink | Aquahydrate Electrolyte Water

If you're looking for a new & improved Electrolyte water, look no further. Aquahydrate Electrolyte Water contains an Alkaline pH of 9+ & is known for its ultra purity. Aquahydrate Electrolyte Water contains 72 naturally sourced trace minerals. This specific Electrolyte Water was formulated for professional Athletes. If you're wanting to get ultra hydrated, this is the one you'll love. Introducing Aquahydrate Electrolyte Water!!

Aquahydrate Electrolyte Water Benefits

  • Contains Alkaline pH Of 9+
  • Helps To Supplement Electrolytes & Minerals
  • Tailored Specifically For Professional Athletes
  • Known For Its Ultra Purity
  • Contains 72 Naturally Sourced Trace Minerals

How Do I Take Aquahydrate Electrolyte Water?

Aquahydrate recommends enjoying an Electrolyte Water anytime you're trying to get hydrated fast, or are trying to replenish Electrolytes after a hard day at the gym!!

Aquahydrate Electrolyte Water Ingredients

Serving Size: 500ml

Servings Per Container: About 2

Calories 0

Calories From Fat 0

Total Fat 0

Sodium 11mg

Total Carbohydrate 0

Other Ingredients: Purified Water, Sodium Chloride, Magnesium, Iodine, Iron, Calcium, Chromium, Selenium, Zinc, Copper, Amnganese, Molybdeum.

Aquahydrate Electrolyte Water Side Effects & Warnings



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