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Ward Doom Cylinder Smelling Salts | The Strongest & Most Aggressive Smelling Salt

Ever wondered how strong a smelling salt can really be? Ward Cylinder took on the challenge of making the strongest smelling salt and has created the only 'competition grade' smelling salt. This smelling salt is so powerful that it is suggested to be only used when you truly need the biggest and most aggressive performance boost. Ward has even created a brand new lid for Doom Cylinder as the pressure that it produces would break the seal of the original lid. Ward suggests that Doom Cylinder is best reserved for experienced smelling salt users who are looking for the absolute PEAK! 


  • Dominate the Competition
  • The Strongest Smelling Salt
  • Aggressive Performance Boost
  • New & Improved Lid
  • For Experienced Smelling Salt Users


Add 1 capful of water to activate your bottle. Because it ships un-activated it won't lose any potency in transit.


Sodium Carbonate, Ammonium Chloride. 


Store in a cool dry place after opening. Keep 6 inches away from your nose.