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Flavor: Red Berry
In stock


Magnum Opus 48 Servings | Intra-Workout Supplement

Are you looking for an extreme intra workout supplement that will help you through even the most intense workouts? Welcome OPUS! This is one of the best tasting intra workouts you will ever have. Opus was formulated to push you through any workout. It is going to help you increase strength, blood flow and hydration, everything you need to get the best workouts you have ever experienced. 

In a published study, the athletes that worked out using Opus experienced increases in athletic performance over those in the placebo group! That is proof enough of how powerful this intra workout is.

And because Opus is a non-stimulant supplement, you can drink it any time during the day or night! 

Benefits & Highlights

  • Incredible Muscle Growth
  • Enhanced Athletic Performance
  • Increased Energy
  • Amplified Muscle Pumps
  • Delays Tiredness and Fatigue

Directions & Dosage

Magnum recommends taking 1-2 scoops of Opus 15 minutes prior to workout or drink 1-2 scoops while you are training.

You can also stack Opus with 2lb Quattro or 4lb Quattro protein.